[Suzuran Baby] Gauze Sweat Pad
[Suzuran Baby] Gauze Sweat Pad
[Suzuran Baby] Gauze Sweat Pad
[Suzuran Baby] Gauze Sweat Pad
[Suzuran Baby] Gauze Sweat Pad
[Suzuran Baby] Gauze Sweat Pad

[Suzuran Baby] Gauze Sweat Pad

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Keeping Baby's Skin Dry and Comfy All Day
It is normal for babies to sweat due to Malaysia's hot and humid weather as well as prolonged sleeping position. Hence, it is important to keep their delicate skin dry and comfy all day so it is free from rashes hence baby has better sleep quality and fuss-free.

Gauze Sweat Pad is soft and ultra-lightweight. It is specially designed to be placed at baby's back to absorb sweat. Simply insert the fast sweat-absorbing and high permeability Sweat Pad behind baby’s back to keep baby’s skin cool and dry during naptime, playtime and bedtime.

Place Suzuran Baby Sweat Pad behind baby's back; remove from the top after use. 
Place it at the back of your baby; remove from the top after use.
Product Care:

Washing method: Hand wash or machine wash with gentle cycle or low spin.

Water temperature: Cold water (less than 35°C). Warm or hot water will shrink the fabric.

Detergent: Baby detergent/mild detergent.

Drying: Hang dry under the sun.

Note: Using a dryer will shrink the fabric a little. If you have to use a dryer, set the temperature as low as possible.

Product Details:

Product Dimension: 23 x 35cm

Material: 100% pure Japan medical use standard absorbent cotton gauze

Product Packaging: 3 pieces/pack


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