[SWBodyShaper] Recovirth Postpartum Hook-On Binder
[SWBodyShaper] Recovirth Postpartum Hook-On Binder
[SWBodyShaper] Recovirth Postpartum Hook-On Binder
SW Bodyshaper

[SWBodyShaper] Recovirth Postpartum Hook-On Binder

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The Recovirth Hook-on binder from Prêt-à-Pregger is made of breathable material providing effective compression for belly and waist slimming. They support your lower back and speed up your postpartum recovery.

• Minimizes tension on your abdominal walls, prevents the sagging of your inner organs
• Helps to shrink your uterus post-birth.
• Stretchy enough to provide suitable compression. It features with high elastic breathable fabric and flexible steel bones, achieving a snug fit and healthy tummy/pelvis compression.
• With 4 rows of hooks in front, you can adjust the tightness as you need.
• With flexible bonings built-in back, the postpartum wrap can firmly smooth the band, and make you easily sit down or lie down.
• What counts is that it helps mothers get abdominal surgery to reduce back pain.
• After healing, the binder can also improve your posture as a waist trainer.

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