[Oshins] Organic Snuggy Husk Pillow
[Oshins] Organic Snuggy Husk Pillow
[Oshins] Organic Snuggy Husk Pillow

[Oshins] Organic Snuggy Husk Pillow

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Organic Snuggy Husk Pillow has been made as labor of love traditionally by grandparents/parents to comfort newborns. It is made of 100% Natural Beansprout husks that have been carefully sundried, sorted by hand to ensure only the best husk are used.

Mimics touch — Mimics the mother’s touch & scent

Secure & calming — Soothe babies against noise & movement that startle them.

Comfortable sleep — Better sleep throughout the night.

Size Measurement:

Small: 30cm x 15cm

Medium: 38cm x 17cm

Large: 50cm x 17cm

Bolster: 48cm x 10cm

Pillow Care:

  • Wash the pillow case regularly.
  • Sun the pillow weekly or alternate weeks to get rid of odors.
  • Do not wash the sac with husks as moisture will damage the husks inside.
  • From time to time, inspect the pillow to ensure it is not torn. Make sure there is no possibility of any husk falling out.
  • Always use the pillow cover to protect the inner casing.

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