[Offspring] Plant-Based Wipes (80ct)
[Offspring] Plant-Based Wipes (80ct)
[Offspring] Plant-Based Wipes (80ct)
[Offspring] Plant-Based Wipes (80ct)
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[Offspring] Plant-Based Wipes (80ct)

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Premium Ultra-Soft Eco Friendly Wipes.

  • Strong but soft , Generous in size
    Luxuriously soft, towel-like material, generous sizing of 17cm x 20cm for multiple time usage

  • Sustainable and 100% plastic-free
    Many wipes break down into microplastics, which will pollute the environment for many years to come. Our wipes are 100% plastic-free, so you can consciously use them without harming the environment.

  • Eco-friendly
    Made without polyster (plastic) component & 100% biodegradable plant-cellulose from Austria with Biobased-preferred certification

  • Mindfully made
    Hypoallergenic, made with 99% purified water, fragrance-free and gentle enough for sensitive skin

  • Non-Toxic
    Made without fragrances, alcohol, phthalates, methylisothiazolione, phenols, chlorine processing, parabens, SLS, or other harmful chemicals.

  • Safe for Oral Cleaning
    Our plant-cellulose wipes are formulated to safely clean your newborn baby’s teeth and gums.

    • Don’t waste the wipes! Fold them in half for multiple usages. Did you know that you usually only need ONE wipe for your baby’s body?
    • Use one side of the wipe to cleanse mouth or any part of the skin, and the other side for other parts of the body.
    • Store at room temperature
    • Close lid firmly after each use to keep moist
    • Not flushable, but biodegradable in landfills!

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