Nufiya Premomma Drink
Nufiya Premomma Drink
Nufiya Premomma Drink
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Nufiya Premomma Drink

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NUFIYA Premomma Drink Prenatal Support is an ideal choice for pregnant mummies. The unique blend of vitamins and minerals helps to increase hemoglobin levels, reduce morning sickness, and provide essential nutrients for both mums and babies. With folic acid and Vitamin C, this drink helps to increase energy levels and nourish skin, making it perfect for happy and healthy pregnancies!

Each box contains 20 sachets


How to consume:

Add a sachet into a glass of 150ml warm or cold water. Stir well and drink.

Once in the morning and once at night after a meal.

 Can be consume as early as 1st trimester


Peach Extract, Guava Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Honey Extract, Black Dates Extract, Red Dates Extract, Sucralose

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