Nufiya OMB Advanced Plus
Nufiya OMB Advanced Plus
Nufiya OMB Advanced Plus
Nufiya OMB Advanced Plus
Bloom and Bless

Nufiya OMB Advanced Plus

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(1 box contains 15 powdered sachets)

• RED DATES extract
• BLACK DATES extract
• LONGAN extract
• GOJI BERRY extract
• ROSEBUDS extract
• Turkish Honey
• Arabic gum
• Brewers yeast

• Thicken breast milk consistency
• Boost and increase milk production
• Provides prolonged energy
• Suitable for pregnant women (4 months and above)
• For inner and outer beauty
• Suitable for postpartum confinement mommy (normal birth and csect)
• Healthy for women’s internal care such as menstrual cramp (Dysmenorrhea), irregular menstrual cycle and stay youthful.
• Suitable for high blood pressure and diabetes
• Helps to reduce constipation
• Using safe and natural ingredients
• Safe for all age group including kids

- Add 1 packet of OMB Advance plus to 1 glass (220ml) of water. (sweetness can be adjusted by adding or reducing water level)
- Stir till well combined and ready to drink!
-Pregnant mums (4 months and above)

- Best to stir using plastic spoon

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