MAE Nipler (Silicone Nipple Ruler)
MAE Nipler (Silicone Nipple Ruler)
MAE Nipler (Silicone Nipple Ruler)
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MAE Nipler (Silicone Nipple Ruler)

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What are the signs of a good flange fit?

- Nipple is centered in the flange, Pumping is Comfortable

-No swelling or damage

- Good milk removal (once adjusted)

-Nipple moves freely in the tunnel (may touch sides but should still move)

- No marks on nipple or areola

- Remain after pumping (check 20-30 minutes later)

Method of Measuring:

Using MAE Nipler: You want the smallest hole that you can easily glide in and out while touching the sides of the ruler.

How to measure you nipples:

1. Pre-pump (wait at least 2 hours since last pumping or 1 hour after nursing session)

2. At the base of the nipple, with no areola or space included

3. Hand Stimulate the nipple before measuring

Standard "Tug and Release" Flange size:

Nipple Shape - Applies to all standard pumps (including most wearables) on the market

1. Protruding: Typically 0-4mm (2mm is Average)

2. Flat: Typically 2-3mm

3. Inverted: Typically 3-4mm


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