Dinky Cup
Dinky Cup
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Dinky Cup

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  • The NEW ‘Dinky’ Size 50ml Open Baby Cup is Made-to-Measure for Little Hands and Mouths! Help your Baby Learn to Self-Sip Right from the Start of Weaning! With Unique Re-Balancing Action, Grippy Dots, and Measuring lines.
  • DinkyCup is EXTRA SMALL FOR A GOOD REASON: The new 'Dinky' sized open cup is made to measure for tiny hands and mouths. Help your baby transition straight from breast or bottle to independent sipping from as young as 4 months. Standing at 6cm with a capacity of 50ml. Perfectly sized for your little one up to age 18 months.
  • RE-BALANCING ACTION: Babies are clumsy when learning new skills. That's why our patented rounded bottom design helps so much! Whatever angle your baby replaces the cup to the table or tray, it will re-balance itself. It takes some practice learning to sip by themselves, so every little thing helps to build that confidence. A super special feature that makes the DinkyCup unique and encourages positive learning with higher success.
  • BENEFITS OF OPEN CUPS: Open cups are highly recommended by weaning professionals and dentists. Encourage healthy drinking right from the start with the DinkyCup. Introducing sipping at the beginning of the weaning stages helps promote fine motor skills, oral motor skills and protects your babies' little developing teeth.
  • NON-SLIP GRIPPY DOTS AND VOLUME MEASUREMENT: Designed with grip and texture in mind. The whole surface of our silicone cup is covered in cute tiny grippy dots. It also includes an external and internal volume line (mm) for parents to know exactly how to fill and how much they have sipped.
  • TOXIN FREE - Our silicone is tested to LFGB EU standards. Our products are BPA-free and Phthalates-free. Natural materials that are chemical-free, durable and easy to clean. Hand or dishwasher safe. No crevices at all for bacteria to form.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Facilitating parent's responsibilities, our baby silicone DinkyCups are dishwasher safe, with no hidden areas for germs to hide.


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