Cocoonababy Bebecal - White
Cocoonababy Bebecal - White

Cocoonababy Bebecal - White

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Prevents baby from turning over onto his tummy.

Features & Benefits:

  • 2 wedge cushions linked by a strip of soft cotton on which baby lies
  • Velcro band below the smaller cushion permits the baby wedge to be adjusted in width to fit baby
  • The rippled shape of the foam cushion ensures continued air circulation. Should baby come into direct contact with it, it the foam cushion allows normal breathing
  • Do not continue to use the baby wedge once the infant is able to turn over by himself
  • Age: newborn to 4 months

Fabric: Fleur de Coton® -  French origin
Outer top fabric: 93% Cotton / 7% Polyester
Side and inner fabric: Jersey 100% Cotton
Care: Machine: Washable 30°

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