[Ceres] Flip-and-sip straw & Infuser
[Ceres] Flip-and-sip straw & Infuser
[Ceres] Flip-and-sip straw & Infuser
[Ceres] Flip-and-sip straw & Infuser
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[Ceres] Flip-and-sip straw & Infuser

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Welcome to a very new and happy world of sustainable parenting products designed to help YOU. 

Our stainless fine-mesh Straw Top/Tea Infuser lid transforms your outer chamber into a powerful tool to maintain your hydration with ice cold water, perfectly steeped tea and well-earned Zen — Use it to create hot and cold flavor-infused beverages just the way you like them.

Each Flip-and-Sip Straw Top includes:

  • Flip-and-sip drinking straw top to seal your bottle up when not in use or to easily pour beverages from your Chiller into your Ceres Chill cup for on-the-go hot or cold drinks.
  • Reusable, Chiller length straw to sip up every last drop
  • Detachable fine-mesh infuser capsule to use with your Chiller, your favorite teapot or individual cups
  • Compatible with your Ceres Chill cup to keep your top clean, use as a cup for hot beverages, glasses of wine or to convert into a child's three ounce sipper for easy, no spill sharing of your Chiller beverages.  

You have done so much for your baby as a pumping mom. You are a hero. And now you will do even more (eek!) as a toddler mom. Your Ceres Chill Flip-and-Sip Infuser top will allow you to relax every once in a while and enjoy:

  • Cold, refreshing, gloriously chilled water
  • Perfectly steeped tea
  • Sustainable, no-landfill or ocean-killing straw
  • 34 ounces of joyful Zen

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